Box Spoke provides:
Automate creation and management of Box files and folders for collaboration
Use Box as a collaboration tool to facilitate document management
Control permissions by using ServiceNow as a system of engagement to add or remove collaborators for faster outcomes
Manage folders to organize case documents in Box
Manage groups and users in Box
Share document or folder links with collaborators

Key Features
Document Management
- Add Metadata to File - Store custom metadata to files in Box. The metadata can be used to search documents at a later point in time.
- Copy File to ServiceNow Attachment - Copies a file from Box and attaches it to the specified ServiceNow record.
- Lookup File ID - Looks up a file id given a path.
- Move Owned item - Moves the items that are owned by a user to a target location, typically used in case of user de-provisioning where you need to transfer the ownership of files by moving it to a common folder managed by a Service account
- Remove File - Deletes a file associated with a user account.
- Upload File - Uploads a ServiceNow attachment to the Box

Document sharing
- Add Collaborator - Adds a collaborator to a folder, the collaborator has specific roles for e.g. owner, editor, etc.
- Create Shared Link - Creates a shared link for the document present in the Box. The link can there be accessed by the collaborators.
- Get Folder Collaborators - Gets all the collaborators of a Box folder.
- Remove Collaborator - Removes an existing collaboration, this is typically used when a user changes roles in an organization or is estranged from an organization.

Folder Management
- Create Folder - Creates a folder in a box with a given parent folder.
- Delete Folder - Deletes a folder in box
- Lookup Folder ID - Looks up a folder id given a path to the folder is provided.

Group Management
- Create Group - Creates a group in Box
- Delete Group - Deletes a group in Box.
- Update Group - Updates group membership in the Box.

User Management
- Add User to Group - Adds an existing user to a Group in Box.
- Create App User - Creates an Enterprise App - User in Box, which the spoke uses to act on behalf of other Box users. An Enterprise App - User account cannot login directly to Box.
- Create User - Creates a user in Box
- Delete User -Deletes an existing user in Box
- Disable User - Disables a user in Box
- Enable User - Enables a user in Box
- Lookup User ID - Looks up a user by username
- Update User - Update user attributes